A Playful Eye

A moment of reflection
The fast-paced city
Where to?
Mother and Child
Mother and Child

while hiking i saw this image on a tree. can you see the mother carrying her child under the stars with a bull in the background?

Lahaina Sunset

The wind blew fiercely into my back; pushing me forward and pelting me with twigs, leaves and dirt. My patience was rewarded with this image.

Leap of Faith
Dirty dancing

Soul Surfer

Hookipa Surfers
Hana Bamboo Forest

can you hear the soft rustling of the leaves while the sun peeks through the reeds?

The thorny cactus is tamed by the soft sunlight
The scenic route
Water Lilies
Waimea Canyon, Kauai

one of the most beautiful places on earth


Fiery Maui Sunset

Horsetail Plant

it's the only living genus in a family of vascular plants that reproduce by spores rather than seeds.

Listen to the Makawao Forest

Layered Memories
Maui No Ka Oi


The Rain Cometh

Ellis Island - The Great Hall

Gathering at your feet for mercy 

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